Lagar de Besada - D.O. Rías Baixas

Lagar de Besada is a small family winery with rich traditions run by winemaker couple Maria and David located in D.O. Rías Baixas. They both have a history of winemaking from their families. Maria was born and raised in Rias Baixas and has the know-how of wine in this area in Galicia. David is from La Mancha, where his family has been making wine for generations. Together they form a powerful team, making intensely ripened Albariño wine which is crisp and fruity in flavour. They were the first in this region making a Brut Nature Sparkling wine of 100% Albariño. It is heartening to see how much passion they both share for the winery and the area. 


Rías Baixas is located at the Atlantic Ocean in the northwest of Spain in the province of Galicia. The Albariño grape grows on a soil of granite and limestone and thrives in this humid and cool environment. The fluctuating climate makes wine-growing complex, but the vines create a ‘roof of leaves’ which gives additional protection to the grapes. The small size of the grape with a thick skin produces an intense aroma and exquisite taste, which makes it one of the most valued white wines from Spain. 


You are welcome to experience the Albariño yourself by booking a room in the bodega B&B. For more information, please contact us. Please find below more information about our different Albariño wines.

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