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March 2021: Loesje Clement receives her QuiXote Pago blend!

It has finally arrived... Loesje Clement received the QuiXote Pago blend! In total, we produced 1000 bottles with her name on the label.

In 2020, Loesje Clement, Sommelier of Restaurant Chocolat in Breda, won the fourth edition of the Wine making Challenge. She is the fourth in line following Lendl Mijnhijmer, Tim Theuns and Leonie Mooijekind. During this competition 10 top sommeliers competed for the price for the best Spanish QuiXote blend. The sommeliers were judged by a committee that included Antonio Merino (oenologist Pago QuiXote), Juan Haro (winemaker and owner Vinos QuiXote) and Job de Swart (Master of Wine).

Loesje's Goal? To create a typical Spanish wine with a surprising twist. She mainly used Tempranillo, enriched with the fruit tones of Syrah, Malbec and Petit Verdot. As a result, a tasty wine, with earthy and spice aromas, as well as wood undertones and a delightful lengthy finish.

Restaurant Chocolat.


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