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Wine Harvest - La campaña de la vendimia

Harvest time is the most important time of the year for our wineries. ”La campaña de la Vendimia,’’ as we say in Spain. This is the time between the preparation of the grape harvest and the fermenting process.

Grape-picking is usually done by hand. The somewhat larger vineyards are harvested by a refined grape-picking machine. The grapes are transported directly to the bodega so that the fermentation does not start too quickly and to prevent the loss of precious flavours and colouring. Because the time between picking and pressing is minimal, no sulphites have to be added to the wine to prevent oxidation. We remove the grape stems to avoid excess tannins.

The grape must form the ''sombrero'' in the depot. After the harvest, the natural yeast (Vin Nature) is added to speed up and guide the alcoholic fermentation (sugar is converted into alcohol).

The temperature can rise significantly in the depot. During the fermentation process, proper temperature is essential (between 22-26ºC) this is constantly monitored and adjusted when necessary.

After fermentation the wine ''rests'' for about 5 to 6 months in the depot, the taste develops and the wine becomes clear. After a certain period of maturation, the wine will be filtered and bottled for further maturation.


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