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Wine Wednesday: Albariño Mar de Ons

This Wine Wednesday, we would like to present our delicious Albariño Mar de Ons!

The Mar de Ons comes from our small family winery Aguiuncho with its vineyard overlooking the Atlantic Ocean across the beautiful ''islands of Ons'' in D.O. Rías Baixas. Winemaker Manuel and his wife Luz are the heart of this artisan winery: ''Our love and passion for winemaking is reflected in every litre of wine that is produced under the name Mar de Ons''.

The Albariño grape is a special and powerful variety. The grape is small and has a very thick skin. As a result, the juice is concentrated which results in an intensity of flavours but also requires an exceptional amount of extra grapes to make wine. Therefore, the production of Albariño wines is fairly scarce and quite expensive, a "niche" wine. Being one of the most demanded and valuable white wine from Spain, Albariño has long been recognised as the gold of Galicia.

Fun fact about the bottle Mar de Ons: the design of the label was not designed by a modern design agency but it is a drawing made by the winemaker's son. This combined with the sea blue colour of the bottle gives it a memorable appearance.


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