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Casajús - D.O.C. Ribera del Duero

This traditional small family winery is run by winemaker José Alberto and his wife Leonor.

José Alberto Calvo Casajús was born in Quintana del Pidio. His enthusiasm and passion for everything that surrounds the world of wine encouraged him to found Bodegas J. A. Calvo Casajús in 1993. A modern winery equipped with advanced techniques, but with a deep-rooted family spirit that preserves the identity of the Ribera del Duero wines.

On sandy-loam land, protected from the north by small mountains of pine and holm oak forest. We cultivate twenty hectares of vineyards with the Tinta del País (Tempranillo) variety of more than fifty years old. Traditional pruning, our terrain and the microclimate of our area allow us to achieve the perfect balance between acidity, sweetness, alcohol content and flavour of the fruit at the time of harvest. In the winery;  a combination of generations of knowledge, the best barrels and the different winemaking techniques,  we produce our Casajús wines. Wines that its creator José Alberto Calvo Casajús elaborates with the same hands from the vineyard to the bottle.

Today, excellent wines are produced in our Denomination of Origin; Ribera del Duero. The main factors for this are the high quality of the soils and the particular climate of this geographical area.    Quintana del Pidio is located in the province of Burgos. It is surrounded by small mountains populated by oaks and pines that protect it from the cold north winds. The surroundings are drawn by the soft wind of its afternoons and the light and color of its vineyards.

Map Spain Ribera del Duero
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