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Diez Siglos - D.O. Rueda

Bodegas Diez Siglos was founded in 2009 by a group of vintners all with a passion for Verdejo. These farmers had a common wish: To protect and maintain the special and indigenous grape variety Verdejo. 


Considering the advantageous location in the North of D.O. Rueda, the natural resources contribute to the production of these special wines. Our bodega has 380 hectares of vineyards and is located 750 meters above sea level. Due to a combination of cold winters and large day and night temperature differences, the grapes develop slowly but optimally. Our winery is equipped with the latest technology and uses different production methods such as ageing on lees and barrel fermentation. Sandra Martín Chivite is the winemaker and is responsible for the technical part of the production.


All our wines are produced to vegan specifications, and are vegan certified. While grapes are vegetable products, other winemakers can make use of animal products during the clarification process (making the wine clear). Accordingly, we only use vegetable products such as chickpeas to conserve the pureness of the Verdejo.

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