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Vega Sauco & Gil Luna - D.O. Toro

Bodegas Vega Sauco and Gil Luna were founded in 1991 by winemaker Wences Gil Durantez. Wences, a pioneer in making organic and vegan wines, is one of the most dynamic and well-known winemakers in Spain. As an oenologist, his daughter Patricia is an export in the science of wine and a solid representative of modern Spanish winemaking. With Patricia’s innovative ideas and Wences extensive Toro experience, they create powerful but elegant wines, all with a clear identity. Together with the rest of the professional staff, they form the large family of Vega Sauco/Gil Luna. 


Both bodegas are in D.O. Toro at an average altitude of 725 meters between the Duero and Guerena rivers. Toro’s rough landscape is reminiscent of the Wild West. Gil Luna is one of the first organic & vegan wineries from D.O. Toro which has been created based on sustainability and respect for the environment. Our pure wines are only produced from the local grape variety Tinta de Toro, a special Tempranillo. These grapes originate from vines between 40 and 100+ years old (pre-phylloxera) which due to the low yield, produces delicious grapes with rich and intense aromas. 


The wines of Vega Sauco and Gil Luna tell their story through the outstanding labels. Take a look below to learn more about our different Toro wines. 

Toro region on Spain map
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