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Meler - D.O. Somontano

The different generations of the Meler family have been involved in agriculture for centuries in Barbastro. The idea of establishing a winery with its own vineyards originates from the family history. The three sisters at Bodega Meler continue this tradition and combine it with modern techniques. These young dynamic women have different passions, but one clear goal to make characteristic and delicious pure wines with quality grapes and no additives. The results are exceptional wines, made naturally with their indigenous yeasts and without added sulphites and sugars.


The sisters can also be found on the labels of the young Meler range (see below). Ana Meler is the young and talented winemaker; she creates distinctive wines from the traditional types… sometimes revolution instead of evolution!

The Meler winery is located in D.O. Somontano, at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains, a small area that continues to positively surprise. There are a few places in the world with such excellent conditions. The mountains in the Pyrenees, with a climate of cold winters and extremely high temperatures in summers, are ideal to produce special mountain wines. These mineral wines have intense flavours with a wonderful freshness.

In the video below, Ana Meler talks more about the family project.

Somontano map Spain
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