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Gandesa - D.O. Terra Alta

Celler Gandesa is located in the historical village of Gandesa and was founded in 1918 by a group of vintners. Our bodega has been built in the Art Nouveau style by architect Cesar Martinell. Thanks to this beautiful architecture our winery has been declared a protected heritage of Cataluña.


The highlands of Terra Alta is located bordering the regions of Valencia and Aragon and is the highest D.O. area of Cataluña. The area is located 350 meters above sea level and is dominated by a Mediterranean climate with low rainfall and a constant presence of wind.


The grapes develop slowly but optimally because of the cold winters and the high summer temperatures. The region D.O. Terra Alta known as the home of the Garnacha Blanca which is produced from fruity and young to full body grapes, aged in oak barrels. We also make delicious Crianza from the local grape variety Garnacha Tinta and Cariñena. These grapes grow on different terroirs within one wine plot, which ensures the complexity of this exceptional wine. 


Celler Gandesa offers limited opening hours to visitors who would like to admire the beautiful architecture and vinification. For more information, please contact us. 

Map Spain Terra Alta
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