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Sonsierra - D.O.C. Rioja

Bodegas Sonsierra is located in the heart of the protected national park San Vicente de la Sonsierra in Northern Spain, at the highest point of Rioja Alta. Our bodega owns 570 hectares of vineyards and the vinification takes place in underground wine cellars. In this region, viticulture is a deeply-rooted tradition that started during the Roman times.


We work with vines from 20 to 130 years old. These vines grow in an ideal microclimate, with the Cantabrian mountains to the North and the Ebro River to the South. The mountains help to isolate the region which has a moderating effect on the climate. Furthermore, the wind is often present which ensures excellent aeration of the vines and the prevention of diseases. 


Thanks to the unique character of this region, the Tempranillo grape develops very well. Our winery only produces single-varietal wines made with the grapes Tempranillo Tinto, Tempranillo Blanco and Viura. Single-varietal wines result in wines with a typical character. You can taste the personality of the specific grape in every sip. Discover and enjoy our different Rioja wines.  

Rioja Spain winery
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