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Planas Albareda - D.O. Cava

Our artisanal Cava is made at Planas Albareda which is one of the 18 authentic family wineries in the heart of Penedès, the ‘Catalan Reims’. Here we produce different Cava from Brut, Brut Nature Reserva, Rosado to limited Gran Reserva. Our Cava is made (just like Champagne) via the méthode traditionelle, where the bubbles arise naturally during fermentation. First, the base wine is made from the grape varieties Xarello, Parellada, Macabeo, Chardonnay and Trepat. To make a sparkling wine from this base wine, the Cava must officially mature for at least 9 months, while we maintain a minimum of 15 months. Thanks to this maturation process, our Cava has an elegant soft bubble with a long shelf life.

Our vineyard is located in Vilobí del Penedès, a beautiful village in the heart of Alt Penedès. D.O. Cava has a typical Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and mild summers. The composition of the land varies from clay and limestone areas to sandy soils, where the vines can root at different depths.

Planas Albareda is committed to taking sustainable measures and our grapes are grown under strict organic and ecological rules without using pesticides or other unnecessary chemicals. All wines and cava are ecologically certified.

Have a look at the sparkling wines below and don’t forget to sample them, it might be the most elegant bubble that you have ever tasted!

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