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Vineyard Spain
Amphora Vinification
Grape harvest Spain

Balance in the Vineyard


Because of the small scale and natural resources, our wines do not require chemical additives. Our vineyards have a unique terroir which gives character to our wines. They are located in the highlands with an ultimate microclimate, therefore our grapes can be allowed to mature longer which creates more intense flavours..


While we work traditionally and with respect for the environment, we also use state-of-the-art technology to preserve the authentic elements of the grapes which you can experience in our wines. Therefore, controlling the temperature during the natural fermentation process is essential throughout the vinification process.


The knowledge, experience and passion of our entire team make it possible to create extraordinary wines from exceptional grapes. From grape picker to winemaker, from the person responsible for bottling to the logistics, everyone is equally important for ensuring that every step is carried out perfectly to achieve our goal.

Thanks to the outstanding balance between nature, people and technology we can make authentic and personal wines in the most important regions in Spain. 

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