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Arrocal - D.O.C. Ribera del Duero

Bodegas Arrocal is located in the village of Gumiel De Mercado, where viticulture has been a tradition for centuries. In this authentic city with a medieval city centre the forefathers of Rosa and Moisés dug underground cellars to store their wines. Rosa and Moisés with their sons are the current owners and are continuing the artisanal tradition in combination with trendsetting innovations. 

Bodegas Arrocal is located in Ribera del Duero, an important wine region in Castilla y Leon in Northern Spain. The Tinta Fina, a special aromatic and refined Tempranillo, mainly grows in this region. These quality grapes are a result of perfect climate and unique terroir. The dry but long summers combined with the cold winters play a fundamental role in the ripening process of the grapes. This ripening process takes place in a slow and controlled way. The winery is situated at an altitude of 830 meters, which allows the grapes to develop extra aromas.

Map Spain Ribera del Duero
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