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Coca i Fitó - D.O. Montsant

Bodegas Coca I Fitó is an innovative and dynamic winery in the highlands of southern Cataluña. Our winery is led by brothers Toni and Miquel Coca. Toni is one of Cataluña’s most recognised winemakers and last year he was awarded the title of best winemaker in the region. The project started in 2006 when the brothers decided to make the ’Coca I Fitó Negre’ made from one of the oldest vineyards located in D.O. Montsant. Partly thanks to the success of this wine, new wines have been created in Cataluña: D.O.C. Priorat, D.O. Terra Alta, D.O. Empordá en D.O. Montsant. Each wine takes its unique character from its corresponding region.


Coca i Fito create terroir wines with character by reviving forgotten old grape varieties such as the Garnacha and Cariñena (Samsó). The yield per vine is low, which means that the intensity of the grape is very high. Either the Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean, with additional protection by mountain ranges has a great influence on the vines. The soil is very diverse so that one wine plot might consist of clay, limestone and slate. This creates a wealth of aromas with its unique terroir.


The brothers use their combined passion, knowledge and experience to create authentic and personal wines, hoping that these wines will bring wonder and joy.  

Winery Spain Montsant
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