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Award-winning wine - Momento Diez

‘’ Take the Momento Diez, travel with your senses and experience your 10 moments.’’

New in our vinofolio… A pure and powerful Verdejo awarded with a gold Medal from Gilbert & Gaillard.

Gilbert & Gaillard is devoted to promoting and recommending high-quality wines that represent the knowledge of passionate winemakers as well as the place in which they are produced.

This special expressive Verdejo has some complex aromas of peach, fennel, rosemary and mineral touches. The vines are on average 45 years old resulting in excellent quality and healthy grapes. The additional body comes from the French-oak barrel fermentation, which is followed by a wonderful finish that is distinctive of Verdejo. As a result, when you take a sip of this Verdejo from the highlands of Rueda, you can taste the winemaker’s passion and expertise.

Interested in this wine? Take a look in our Vinofolio.


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