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Harvest 2023

The harvest is coming to an end and has already come to an end at some of our wineries. It's an exciting time when everything comes togehter. Now we can start the vinification, the wine-making process.

In this blog, we would like to share a few beautiful, special harvest moments from this year;

On the coast of Rías Baixas, the grape harvest is featured by a unique character. Here, the Albariño grapes are harvested with the utmost precision, amidst rich greenery and the fresh Atlantic sea breeze.

In the heart of Ribera del Duero, under the bright Spanish sun, grapes from old vines are carefully handpicked. This region is known for its volumnious red wines and passionate winemakers.

Let's not forget about the sparkling world of Cava, where underground cellars are buzzing with activity. Harvesting the grapes destined for this festive sparkling wine is a celebration in itself.

In the beautiful landscape of Ribeira Sacra, grapes are harvested on steep slopes along the Sil River. These vineyards, that can only be worked on by hand, produce wines with a unique character and a strong connection to nature.

Let's toast to the beautiful process of new Spanish wines originating from these beautiful regions!


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