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March 2021: Pruning grape vines - Behind the scenes

Winter pruning:

Winter pruning is an important operation in the vineyard. This determines the new harvest and encourages the growth of the vines. If the vines are not pruned, the shoots grow wild, making it difficult to keep the vineyard under control. Of course, we do not want this to happen, which is why pruning is seen as the beginning of the growing season. It is also essential to work carefully since poor pruning decisions might result in the loss of a few wine bottles.

There are several techniques, the most common of which is to cut the vine, leaving only one or two branches. This method must be done very carefully because you want to select the best branch, considering the growth direction and yield. After you have selected one or two branches, cut all the other shoots back to the main stem. As a result, the two selected branches will be pruned to just above your tight wire.

Tying grapevines

After pruning, the tying follows. Because grapevines are climbers, they are attached horizontally to a stretched wire. This enables the grape plant to climb and the fruits to hang down nicely without touching the ground.

Summer pruning:

The extra leaves will be removed once the vine has been allowed to grow for a while and the buds have developed into leaves. This stimulates growth and allows the plant to produce enough sugars. This green pruning is also known as ''La Poda Verde''.


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