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Story Behind: Leonie Mooijekind

‘’Everyone has the right to taste a wonderful wine’’

Wine was love at first sight in my never-ending search for love.

All my life, wine has fascinated me. As a young girl, I found it extremely interesting. That beautiful glass filled with red wine. I could look at it for hours, and I would prefer to taste it too. My mother turned a blind eye and BAM my love for wine started.

What motivates me is the desire to share my passion for wine. Wine is the most personal art form available. Why? When you drink wine, it enters your body and becomes a part of you. After a drink or two, wine takes you out of your comfort zone, it enlightens you and clouds your mind. Wine is always on the move. This dynamic continues to fascinate me, fortunately it never gets boring. A word that does not appear in my dictionary…

Throughout my wine career, I have learned that you should always go your own way, follow your own nose and dare to stick your neck out, therefore I have been secretly dreaming of my own wine estate.

My ambition of producing my own wine began in South Africa, during an internship at the vineyard Rustenberg in Stellenbosch. I quickly learned everything to know about Cape wine, and also about the African culture. I fell in love with the Cape wine regions with my close wine friend/maker Lotte Wolf, where she created her first wine with winemaker Johan Meyer: ‘'A touch of Dutch."

After recalling memories of Lotte while sipping her beautiful wine, I also dreamed of making my own wine. It is a privilege to create a wine with your own signature exactly to taste…

Now you understand my reason for participating in ‘’The Wine making challenge! ‘’ Do you also dream about your own blend? Because what could be better than being able to blend a wine exactly to your own signature and your own taste WoW! Thank you for this opportunity Juan Haro, owner of VinosQuixote.

Leonie Mooijekind WA

It has become my mission to awaken the wine world with innovative ideas: ''Away with mystery and arrogance. Wine should be transparent. For everyone. ''


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